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Artisan Pork

Pasture raised heritage breed, supplemented with antibiotic free non-GMO feed based on field pea, alfalfa and grain as well as fruit and vegetables (seasonally).  The growers are limit fed so they graze, root and grow slow.  Butcher size is 225-275 lbs at 6-7 months old yielding 80-100 lb sides.  The smaller size and diet produce tender meat that is full of flavour.  

The pigs on this farm have lived a good life before they meet their end.

The pork is available as a whole pig, by the half or in 10lb boxes.

It is also available by the cut at the Farmer's Markets.  Follow us on Facebook for notificataions when we are at the markets.

By the piece

By the piece at the Farmers MarketsWe are at Qualicum Beach and Errington farmers markets on Saturdays, and Island Roots Nanaimo market on Wednesdays.  We sell pork by the piece at the markets.

Pork chop
Pork Chop

Butt Steak

Leg Steak

Leg Roast
Leg Roast
Ham roast

Shoulder roast
Shoulder Roast


Pork Belly


English Bacon

Streaky Bacon

By the 10 lb box

Plain box - $95
Fancy Box - $115

A 10lb box contains a roast (or chops), some bacon (or sliced pork belly), some ribs, some sausages (or ground pork) and some stew meat and bone.  Pricing depends on what is in the box, and is usually $95 to $115.  Requests will be taken within reason and availability, but the proportions of the meat need to represent roughly 1/6 of a side.  Plain is cuts and ground pork with nothing cured.  Fancy is mostly cured (ham, bacon) and sausage.

Sausages: Dewnans Pudding, Rosemary, Honey Garlic, and Italian
Bacon: English and streaky (normal)

By the half

$4.25/lb + butchers charges

The half contains half a pig and you can choose how it is cut, cured, and if sausage is made, and what flavour(s).  If you like organ meat, trotters, head etc, it is available for traditional nose to tail culinary delights.  The price is $6.20/lb based on the hanging weight.  The butcher charges $.80 for cut and wrap.  Any curing, smoking, sausage, etc is additional cost at the butcher's rate.  If you feel uncertain about how to specify the cuts, please see the bottom of the page or call.  A deposit is required to purchase a half.

By the Hog

$4/lb + butchers charges

If you go whole hog (or get some friends together and do a joint purchase) you have more options.  You can have it the same as the half with a reduced price of $4/lb based on hanging weight plus additional butchers charges. 

Contact us to place an order

All sales depend on availability.  Prices subject to change without notice.  

Orders are taken only with deposit or full payment. 

Pork Cuts

There is a good amount of information on the internet showing how the cuts are done.  Here are some of them:

Clove Garden - Primal Cuts

Kimchimari - Korean / Asian Primal Cuts

Clove Garden - Individual Cuts

No Ordinary Homestead - Individual Cuts shown on Primal Diagram

Sugar Mountain Farm - a very good writeup on what you get from a pig

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